#27 Herman Meowster by Jim “Cheech” Bonavito

Herman Meowster
by Jim “Cheech” Bonavito

Veronica Chewens Photography: 2017 Catskill Cats &emdash; Herman Meowster Veronica Chewens Photography: 2017 Catskill Cats &emdash; _CHW0811-Edit Veronica Chewens Photography: 2017 Catskill Cats &emdash; _CHW0815-Edit

Sponsored by: Heart of Catskill Association

Description: “Herman Meownster” is yet another in a long line of character kitties created by Jim “Cheech” Bonavito for the Catn’ Around Catskill Art Project. Over the last five years, Jim loved creating Super-Hero cats, fairytale cats, character cats – each one having Jim’s personal, whimsical flair. Two of his favorite cats of past years was Tom the Toolcat (not a big surprise coming from a carpenter) and ScaredyCat – a spoof off the old movie Wizard of Oz.

Jim LOVED all the old shows that he grew up with, like The Rifleman, the Addams Family, Bonanza, and YES, The Munsters! The Herman Meownster cat is Jim’s latest character cat, honoring that big-ol’ goofy green guy with the crooked smile!

About the Artist: Jim “Cheech” Bonavito was a native of Angola, New York, being born there and having lived there his whole life. Jim got his nickname Cheech in high school, due to his great sense of humor and personality. Jim had been creating art since his high school days. Although he was most comfortable using oils, Jim dabbled in watercolor, pencil and acrylics as well. In addition to painting and illustrating, Jim enjoyed doing a full-range of carpentry and wood working, including everything from custom home remodeling to creating jewelry boxes, custom picture frames and building furniture.

When not pursuing his artistic muse, Jim indulged in writing an occasional poem or writing of life’s endless variety. Jim has been a participating commissioned artist in the Catn’ Around Catskill public art project for the past 5 years, a creative, exciting and rewarding annual event which showcases local and regional artists. Unfortunately, 2017 will be his last year to participate in this rewarding public art project.

Jim also served as Treasurer of the Evans Art Guild

You can see more of his work on Jim’s Website or on his page at the Evans Art Guild

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