#37 Dizzy Kitty by Christie Hicks

Dizzy Kitty by Christie Hicks

2019 Cat’N Around Catskill – Cat #37

Veronica Chewens Photography: 2019 Cats &emdash; #37 Dizzy Kitty (2) Veronica Chewens Photography: 2019 Cats &emdash; #37 Dizzy Kitty Veronica Chewens Photography: 2019 Cats &emdash; #37 Dizzy Kitty (3)

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Description: The visual illusion of movement and depth can be created with the use of black and white repeating shapes in art work. Shadow, scale, and alternating patterns of black and white can fool the eye into seeing depth of space, where in reality there is only a flat surface. The Optical Illusion designs on this cat were created in Photoshop and then precision cut onto pliable black and white vinyl sheets. The resulting graphic designs were then carefully adhered to the cat with transfer tape. Dizzy Kitty was inspired by Computer Graphics classes I took at Columbia-Greene Community College. While it’s fun to use computer graphics skills designing logos and websites, it was really great to apply these skills toward

creating this Catskill Cat. Dizzy Kitty is my second foray experimenting with creating optical illusion graphics on a Catskill. My first was “3-D Kitty” in 2017.

About the Artist: Christie Hicks moved to the Hudson Valley in late 2014 when her husband Kevin retired from the army to enjoy the tranquility of the area and the beauty of the mountains. She studied graphic design and fine arts at Columbia-Greene Community College in Hudson. The creative outlet these classes provided inspired her to submit a design for Cat’n Around Catskill. Christie looks forward to participating again this year in this amazing fundraiser for Catskill.