#10 Verde by Ellen De Lucia

Verde by Ellen De Lucia

2019 Cat’N Around Catskill – Cat #10

Veronica Chewens Photography: 2019 Cats &emdash; #10 Verde (2) Veronica Chewens Photography: 2019 Cats &emdash; #10 Verde Veronica Chewens Photography: 2019 Cats &emdash; #10 Verde (3)

Sponsored by: Shook Insurance Agency, LLC

Description: “Verde” will be my 17th cat!! He will be all green, all mosaic. The materials I will decorate “Verde” with will primarily be glass, but I plan to add other items & materials, too!

About the Artist: Art has always been my greatest passion. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with dual majors in Studio Art and Art History, and I took graduate coursework in Design, as well as independent workshops and classes. While supporting myself with a career in the banking industry for 30 years, I adventured on a wide variety of creative paths including silversmithing, painting, macramé, fiber arts, photography, and polymer clay. In the meantime, my love of stained glass always dominated, therefore, I bought a house with room to begin working with glass.

After retirement, I ran out of space to hoard materials and create stained glass and mosaics projects, and to decorate cats for Cat ‘n Around Catskill! I solved the problem by building a new studio, where I now have enough space for everything I currently do and plan to try.

Since 2007, the first year of Cat ‘n Around Catskill, I have decorated 16 cats, 12 of which won People’s Choice Awards. In 2016, I created “Freedom” to kick off Coxsackie’s public art project and I decorated owls for the 2017 and 2018 What a Hoot! festivals.

My signature or trademark consists of a moon and three stars on the left side, and three stars, usually yellow or gold, on the right side of the sculpture. These two symbols represent my two Golden Retrievers, Luna (Stelle e Bella Luna) and Stella (Stella di Oro).