2020 Catskill Cats 11-20

2020 Catskill Cats

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Cat #11 Meteora – The Goddess of Weather
by Ellen De Lucia
Sponsored by Shook Insurance Agency, LLC

Cat #12 Sweet Violet
by Nancy Whelan
Sponsored by Dr. Jennifer Saver Catnips & Carrots Veterinary Hospital

Cat #13 Historic Purrservation Cat II
by Margaret Nowack
Sponsored by Cultivate Catskill

Cat #14 The Little Furrmaid
by Jessica L. Walker
Sponsored by Trustco

Cat #15 Bench Mark
by Ray Sperzel
Sponsored by Santo Associates Land Surveying and Engineering, P.C.

Cat #16 Cat’n Around Town
by Wendy Doney
Sponsored by Swamp Angel Antiques

Cat #17 Cat in the Hat
by Chrissy Mabee
Sponsored by New York Restaurant

Cat #18 Space Cat
by K-5 Catskill Elementary School Students
Sponsored by Catskill Teachers Association

Cat #19 Dionysus the Greek God of Wine
by Ellen Levinson
Sponsored by Fortnightly Club of Catskill

Cat #20 Holly Cat
by Brian Bolde
Sponsored by Quality Auto

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