2020 Catskill Cats 21-30

2020 Catskill Cats

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Cat #21 Creeper Cat
by Catskill High School Art Club
Sponsored by Kirwan’s Game Store

Cat #22 Rudolph
by Christie Hicks & Karen Robinson
Sponsored by Heart of Catskill Association

Cat #23 Main Attraction
by Marjorie H. Sisak-Yonker
Sponsored by Angela Lanuto, Realtor, and Michael Lanuto, Financial Advisor

Cat #24 Tour of Puerto RiCat
by Samantha Fey & Victoria Lake-Baker
Sponsored by Pueblo Rentals

Cat #25 Alebrije Kitty
by Jennifer Nicole & Hector Muniz
Sponsored by Art in the Garage

Cat #26 Surreal
by Ray Sperzel
Sponsored by Dr. Christine M. Scrodanus

Cat #27 A Local Lion
by Heather Martin
Sponsored by Alexander Varga & CO, CPA’s

Cat #28 The Kitti Hendrix Experience
by Michelle “Shiloh” Allan
Sponsored by John Alfultis Chattanooga, TN

Cat #29 Catwalk
by Regina Johnson & Elijah Dedrick
Sponsored by Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty

Cat #30 Tigerlilly Cat
by Autumn Doney
Sponsored by Mahalo Gifts Inc

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