#1 “Under the Sea” by Karen Robinson

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2021 Cat’N Around Catskill – Cat #1

“Under the Sea” by Karen Robinson  

Sponsored by: Frank Guido’s Port of Call

Description: This cat is adorned with various under sea creatures, including an octopus, sea horse, sail fish, and sea turtle. Some schools of fish can be seen swimming beneath the waves. I used cardboard, tin foil, and masking tape to form the whale’s tale, then covered the form with epoxy clay. Acrylic paints were used to bring the scene to life, with metallic paint accents to create the shimmering feel of the underwater creatures.

About the Artist: After a fulfilling 25-year career in higher education, Karen has begun her next career in the artistic world. Karen works for the Heart of Catskill Association coordinating the annual Cat’n Around Catskill outdoor community art project. Karen has also participated as an artist in this project by creating several cats and bears for the Cairo Bears.