#33 “Meals on Wheels” by Theresa Rowe Obert

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2021 Cat’N Around Catskill – Cat #33

“Meals on Wheels” by Theresa Rowe Obert

Sponsored by: Village of Catskill

Description: Ready for supper, this cat wears a napkin bib. Roling around are a number of crazy critters, such as a goofy looking google-eyed mice, a chipmunk, fish, and birds on “wheels,” testing this cat’s patience and tempting his tastebuds.

About the Artist: A former resident of Greene County, Therese graduated from Windham-Ashland-Jewett Central School, Ladycliff College and Fordham University holding a BS. in Art and M.S. in Education. After teaching elementary art and academic subjects for a number of years, she was a freelance artist for publishing companies, taught adult ed. classes and worked with senior citizens. Currently, she resides in Connecticut.