Cat’n Around Catskill Postcards

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1 of EVERY Postcard – 65 Total for $130 ($2/each)

1 of EVERY Postcard – 65 Total for $130 ($2/each)

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1 “Kaleidocat 2” by Stephen S. Martin ($2/each)
2 “Adrianne’s Patchwork” by Kim Linden ($2/each)
3 “Maculatus” by Amelia Gallina ($2/each)
4 “Brawk-B-Q Chicken” by Christie Hicks and Karen Robinson ($2/each)
5 “Red #23” by Kseniya B. Felton ($2/each)
6 “Wintersong” by Nancy Whelan ($2/each)
7 “Abominable SnowCat” by Eleanor Rowe Gentilini ($2/each)
8 “Mona Lisa Cat” by Barbara McGeachen ($2/each)
9 “Woodland Kitty” by Jesse Bidwell ($2/each)
10 “SecretariCAT the Barn Cat” by Dyan Veronica ($2/each)
10 “SecretariCAT the Barn Cat” by Dyan Veronica ($2/each)
11 “Mystic” by Gina DeNave ($2/each)
12 “Spring Time Kitten” by Jesse Bidwell ($2/each)
13 “Pizza House Rock” by Patti Morrow ($2/each)
14 “MSG Tom Katz – WWI Doughboy” by Theresa Rowe Obert ($2/each)
15 “First Class Cat” by Enrico Scull ($2/each)
16 “Doorways of Catskill” by Wendy Doney ($2/each)
17 “Fleur Noir” by Heatherlyn H. Martin ($2/each)
18 “Rosie the Dragon” by Pamela L. Quick-Antonette ($2/each)
19 “Freyja” by Marjorie H. Sisak-Yonker ($2/each)
20 “Be Kind” by Catskill Middle School Art Club ($2/each)
21 “Notre Minou” by Elaine Wilson ($2/each)
21 “Notre Minou” by Elaine Wilson ($2/each)
22 “Bun E. Catlos” by Michael Rodriguez ($2/each)
23 “Lynx Kitty” by Cherie Bland ($2/each)
24 “Coastal Cat” by Cheryl “Tay” Taback ($2/each)
25 “Cat in Clover” by Maureen O’Brien ($2/each)
26 “Olana Cat” by Kayla Speed – KS Design Studio ($2/each)
27 “Iconic” by Samantha Fey ($2/each)
28 “Slime Cat” by Jimmy Hines ($2/each)
29 “Happy Trees Kitty” by Victoria Lake ($2/each)
30 “Little Cat on the Prairie” by Victoria Lake ($2/each)
31 “Black Cat White Lace” by Carol Mambert Serazio ($2/each)
32 “The Fun-Flower” by Raymond Chiulli ($2/each)
33 “Fairy Tail” by Jessica L. Walker ($2/each)
34 “Purrennial” by Sara Pruiksma ($2/each)
35 “Mint Julep” by Karen Robinson ($2/each)
36 “Fantasy Forest Feline” by Raymond Sperzel ($2/each)
37 “Cat on the Rocks” by Ellen Levinson ($2/each)
38 “Feline Treeline” by Margaret Nowack ($2/each)
39 “Penelope” by Lillian Johnson ($2/each)
40 “Tiger Lily” by Nancy Whelan ($2/each)
41 “Pastella” by Ellen De Lucia ($2/each)
42 “Cat Tales” by Catskill High School Art Club ($2/each)
43 “Fancy Feathered Feline” by Ellen Levinson ($2/each)
44 “The Feline of Summer – Raffle Cat” by Autumn Doney ($2/each)
45 “Zentastic Cat” by Priscilla DeConti ($2/each)
46 “Kindness Kitty 5” by Christa Bush, Kindness Rocks Catskill ($2/each)
47 “Paisley Girl” by Jerelynn Mason ($2/each)
48 “Ocean Treasures” by Margot K. Higgins ($2/each)
49 “Red Carpet Kitty” by AnnMarie Plass ($2/each)
50 “Cosmic Kitty” by Brian Bolde ($2/each)
51 “Knotty, Nauti Kitty” by Lisa C. DiPietro ($2/each)
52 “CatFish – Two Tails Are Better Than One” by Theresa Rowe Obert ($2/each)
53 “Vitrail” by Chrissy Mabee ($2/each)
54 “Special Area Cat” by Catskill Elementary School K-5 Students ($2/each)
55 “Cat Menagerie” by Doreen Robinson ($2/each)
56 “Duchess” by Lillian Johnson ($2/each)
57 “Fire Cat” by Cherie Bland ($2/each)
58 “Cat in the Cornflowers” by Rebecca Whitbourn ($2/each)
59 “Catastrophy” by Michele T. Sisak, OFS ($2/each)
60 “Cardinal Kitty” by Rebecca Whitbourn ($2/each)
61 “The Glass Meow-gerie” by Jennifer and Sandy Smith ($2/each)
62 “Lapislumina” by Heatherlyn H. Martin ($2/each)
63 “On Top of SpaghKITTY” by Christie Hicks ($2/each)
64 “Remembering Bear Bear” by Carolyn DeMichele ($2/each)
65 “Midnight Mandala Mosaic” by Holly Huzar ($2/each)